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In the Blood

Australian Premiere
I blodet
In the Blood
18+ (exemption)
Danish with English subtitles
Denmark | Drama | 2016 | 114'
Director: Rasmus Heisterberg
Cast: Kristoffer Bech, Akse Bang, Elliott Crosset Hove, Mads Reuther, Victoria Carmen Sonne

The 2017 Bodil Award winner for Best Film and shot entirely on location in Copenhagen, In the Blood follows a group of young men through a warm, sunny summer as they reach a defining moment in their lives. Director Rasmus Heisterberg has proven himself one of Denmark’s best and most versatile screenwriters of the last decade, with credits including the screenplays for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009) and A Royal Affair (2012), and with In the Blood, he proves himself equally adept at directing.

Simon (Kristoffer Bech) attends medical school with his best friend Knud. Breaking for the summer, Simon and Knud, along with their roommates Søren and Esben, party, drink, chase girls and enjoy the long nights. However, the group dynamic begins to change as Simon’s friends are looking to move on with their lives. Simon, who is not quite ready to accept his friends’ maturity, wants his youth to go on forever. In the Blood gives us a realistic picture and nostalgic feeling towards a key period in life coming to an end.

Sketched with uncommon intelligence and nuance.
Rolling Stone
Best Film, Best Supporting Actress (Victoria Carmen Sonne), Bodil Awards (Denmark) 2017
Best Children/Youth Film, Robert Awards (Denmark) 2017