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Kings Bay

Australian Premiere
Kings Bay
18+ (exemption)
Norwegian with English subtitles
Norway | Thriller | 2017 | 93'
Director: Stig Svendsen
Cast: Kari Bremnes, Erik Hivju, Jørgen Langhelle, Kim Sørensen, André Sørum

A classic Nordic thriller set in far-flung Norway, where a washed up journalist finds herself covering what appears to be a mine accident. But as she digs further into the case, she discovers this case is far more complex and dangerous than she could ever have anticipated.

Kings Bay is based on actual events that occurred in 1962, when a tragic mine explosion killed 21 people and the resulting scandal brought about the fall of the Norwegian Labour Party. Norwegian singer Kari Bremnes plays journalist Harriet Hansen who, struggling to revive her career, starts digging into the 50 year old case. Among other things in her investigation, she comes across old Russian tapes that reveal a darker truth. What if what happened on Svalbard was not an accident, what if the government had received a warning that something was going to happen?

Set between Kings Bay and the beautiful backdrop of Tromsø (and the stunning Northern Lights) Kings Bay is part of an emerging school of Norwegian Noir-style film that brilliantly makes use of the dark, cold winter setting that the far-north landscape has to offer.

A fine thriller.
Cinema NRK P3