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One-Two-Three Go!

Australian Premiere
One-Two-Three Go!
All Ages (exemption)
Danish with English subtitles
Denmark | Drama/Romance | 2016 | 117'
Director: Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg
Cast: Nikolaj Groth, Clara Rosager, Laura Bach, Rasmus Hammerich

Adapted from Jesper Wung-Sung’s best-selling Danish novel “En-to-tre-nu!” and reminiscent of Alessandro D’Avenia’s best-seller “White Like Milk, Red Like Honey”, this bittersweet romance was the winner of the Audience Award at this year’s Robert Awards (Denmark’s Academy Awards).

Jeppe (Nikolaj Groth, The Absent One, Scandi FF 2015) is a talented basketball player and excels at high school. When he meets his new classmate, Cecilie (Clara Rosager), the two quickly fall in love. During their first date, he takes her to a basketball court, telling her that if she can sink a basket with her eyes closed, her wish will be fulfilled. While Cecilie can sink the basket, Jeppe misses (much to his embarrassment). Following the date, Cecilie seems to vanish from their small community, and when Jeppe confronts her on her absence, Cecilie pushes him away. Finally revealing that she’s suffering a serious illness, Cecilie asks Jeppe what he wished for that night on the basketball court. He says he wanted to be with her forever. With their love on borrowed time, they try to make Jeppe’s wish come true and just live their life in the present.

Truly touching.
Audience Award, Robert Awards (Denmark) 2017
Streaming Award, Bodil Awards (Denmark) 2017