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Small Town Killers

Australian Premiere
Dræberne fra Nibe
Small Town Killers
18+ (exemption)
English and Danish with English subtitles
Denmark | Black comedy | 2017 | 90'
Director: Ole Bornedal
Cast: Nicolas Bro, Ulrich Thomsen, Søren Malling, Mia Lyhne, Lene Maria Christensen

The title says it all in this Danish black comedy about the unforeseen consequences of planning the perfect crime. Played in Nordic deadpan style, with hints of Coen Brothers absurdity, this screwball premise from writer/director Ole Bornedal echoes Men & Chicken and In Order of Disappearance.

Ib (Nicolas Bro, 1864 Scandi FF 2017) and Edward (Ulrich Thomsen, The Commune), are both tradesmen in a small rural town, who thanks to their moonlighting have developed a substantial nest egg for the future. They both agree that their main obstacles to happiness are their loveless marriages to their wives, Gritt (Mia Lyhne) and Ingrid (Lene Maria Christensen). After getting in a huge fight with their wives at a couple’s dinner, the men get drunk and hatch what they think is a fiendishly clever solution: hire a Russian contract killer to take out their spouses so they can do with their stash what they want. But they have badly underestimated their wives, and this becomes the start of a hilarious journey where Ib and Edward, to their own horror, end at the top of a hit list.

A darkly comic, gleefully inappropriate comedy.
Should I See It
Silver Méliès Best European Film, Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2017